Demo III

by Noč

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released December 8, 2015



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Noč Slovenia

Noč is a one man black metal project from Kranj, Slovenia.

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Track Name: Our Human Flesh
in love with innocence
purity harbored
behind walls other side
which i hold frame as
disgust for every
sign of self
impure mine
self disgust be
disguised abaft
most potent
fever visions
drunken self derision
a constant strain
to mind yet wake
yet pained
with knowing
human nature
be most true to
all deeds vile
i will cure you
of this human
chamber you
for no one's
flesh but
your own
like my scarred
shape of man
the human flesh
who broke the
walls and trapped
within them
her innocent
unknowing, and
saved true
beauty by
it's death
Track Name: Decay, Ascend
all is blurred
nerves carry ache
in a vessel of dust
full grain
sunken deep
in throbs
a stomach of
white seed none
sinking, withdrawal
stems piercing
through skin
growing, then rotting
leaving behind
dust vessel
through tendons
there's noise
behind my eyes
some thing
growing inside
leave no seeds
it grows no more
howl at pain
like a fevered dog
fists clenched
veins tightening
pumping dust
let it die
Track Name: A Memory
hello, do you
still remember
the night when
you sparked
for the first
time in me
a flame burning
ash mist
spreading like
small moths
slowly obscuring
the sun
each moth a part
of my body
i flew for the
first time, and
there was no
cold, the sun
blackened, a
day made
your eyes
murmor to me
of pain gone
drown me in
hot coals
reaching our
hands for the
hollow heavy
moon, blank
pages rewritten
with that first flight
into you
Track Name: Drown my Eyes in Hot Embers
drown my eyes
in rain, in rain
clouds gather
dissolve in light
this constant
mind parasite
i beg my body
for a flood
droplets hissing
on hot coals
yet pills, yet life
i'm feeling numb
her hair a map
of twisted veins
her clothes like tunics
of her own religion
when she stands
in summer rain
everything ends
expires, i beg
for veins, for
hair like leeches
come clouds, come
night, fuck heaven
fuck the sun
you are my
true light
bring the storm
the fucking flood
just let me bleed
in rain, in rain
why can't i
cry, in rain
not veins
veins full of rain
i'll force the storm
i'll cut my hair
i'll cry out
what the leaches
have taken from me
dry from rain, my veins
my veins
yet flood
yet death
i'm feeling numb
open me
drown my eyes
in hot embers
i too am everything
i too am something
Track Name: A Vessel of Ash
eyes gone all
numb, like glass
breathe hot smoke
in the face of
false virtue
a life of altruistic
instincts, a life of
self scorn
bleed and wither
inside, coals
given another
dripping slowly
innermost hate
kindled by
a heart detached
pain, deceit
it's place taken
by dark coal
beating steadily
a vessel of ash
spreading like
a cancer through
the veins
feel the blood
of old
solitude thy name
hate be thine kin
abandon hope
let it burn out
and rekindle
it's coals
withdraw from
a slow rebirth
of pain
an outward shift
self hate given
revere your
thinking mind
awaken, bow to none
with clarity ponder
and accept your
newfound hate